1. culturecorpse:

    About to leave the shoot for sierraclub.org and I see this little beauty. He didn’t say anything to me, just stood there. Staring. Even after his Grandmother moved forward, calling for him.

  2. My cousin Zach and his girl Rachel are sooooooo CUTEz.


  3. If you can’t even be kind to a dog, please don’t have kids.

  4. theladybadass:

    Archers at Harlem’s YWCA (1940)

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  5. My boss gave me all these frames! Finally I can start framing my collections!

  6. vintageeveryday:

    Two men kissing in a photobooth in 1953.

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  7. matthew logos by jesse jacobs

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  8. If you want to be my girlfriend, inquire within the ask option. No anons preferred. We can set up a mutual interview. Interview will take place in a snake pit.

  9. "Mo’ money mo’ problems" the quote is true coco says.

  10. Here’s a song on the new EP. This is what I look like when I practice in my oven room. I kept slipping off my bed…
    EP coming this fall on http://www.ascensionrecordingsandpublications.com

    Searching for something I’d thought I’d lost Thought that it was you Sat in the grass Underneath a big tree Confessing, failed love Achievement fades And it’s in the way Dead things choose to lay Wanted to give Wanted to see you everyday Until you put me In my place I hope you understand There’s more emotions than mad Forgive you now Don’t think I can When I see you Acting the way you do Kinda pretty Kinda funny kinda fake It’s so simple To recognize the pattern Was there something Else you were after?